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lauren zoë


Lauren Gadson, a native of Houston, Texas and Columbus, Ohio seeks to discover new and exciting ways to explore her artistic palette. Growing up in Ohio and consistently moving around throughout her childhood has rounded her into finding new perspectives on culture through meeting many people of different backgrounds and upbringings. This transcended Lauren from Graphic Designer to Photographer and Writer. Along with her freelancing design career, Lauren has wrote contributing articles for Free Press Houston's art and film pages and has launched her own website To Be Honest (TBH), where she writes about current social issues, art, music and fashion happening within communities of color.

Lauren's extensive knowledge of art and fashion has allowed her collaborate with various artists such as Andre Wagner and Dondre Green and her drive to continue honing her craft has been a constant in her career. Lauren's style has stood out to her contemporaries, manifesting itself into a beautiful collage of experience and expertise.